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This movement aims towards only one thing; for our humanity

to reach the next evolutionary stage; worldwide unity.

We aim and invite all to shift our current world of competetion and conflict to a world of cooperation and interpersonal progress and thus into a future, where all that lives can thrive.

Using art as a first medium to convey this message,

colors and shapes aim for transforming minds to mindsets of  all embracing love towards every kind of life all over earth.

Once we realise that the greatest power of all lies in the work of togetherness, all those allegedly big unsolvable problems of our time could quite suddenly appear quite solvable again,

and thus be exchanged eventually for an evolved and brighter world, in which we, humanity
beginn to act
as one global human society,

                       finally living our lifes truely

                                         in sustainability.

      For unity,

                 yours faithfully,






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© 2023 United Humans of Earth

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